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What We Do

Seven species of sea turtles roam in world'socean and they are highly migratory. Their nesting and feeding ground is far away like thousand of kilometers from coast to coast. Most of the sea turtle spend in offshore areas. Sea turtles and humans have been linked for as long as people have settled the coasts and plied the ocean. Coastal Communities have depended uponsea turtles.



Location of our Sea Turtle protection program is entire coast of Bangladesh from St. Marting Island, whole Teknaf to Cox's Bazar, Sonadia, Kaladia, Dholghata, Sonar Char, Sandy Beaches of Sundarbans, Kuakata and our Marine Territory in the Bay of Bengal. For detailed map pleasego through more info.


Work With Us

Marinelife Alliance seeks international volunteers throughout the year for sea turtle nesting monitoring, hatchlings observation, satellite tracking, database management, sea turtle monitoring station and nest development and other field activities like marine surveys. Please have a look to know more about opportunities.


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